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A Notice to All Customers

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A Notice to All Customers

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UPDATE: All Delmarva Online services have been discontinued.  We no longer provide support.

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your support, your business, and your loyalty over the years. It is amazing to think that Delmarva Online started serving the Eastern Shore over 20 years ago. In 1995, dialup Internet access was brand new and receiving emails from friends and family a wonder. These days, anyone under 20 probably does not even remember what a modem is much less connecting to the Internet through a phone line. Technology marches ever forward and all of our lives benefit from the advances.

In reality, the Delmarva Online chapter closed many years ago. However, it continued to provide dialup access and email services well past the point of profitability. If it operated strictly as a business based on profit, the services would have stopped in 2010. However in order to allow its customers a smooth transition to broadband Internet access and email services such as Gmail, we limped along.

Your dialup and email services will remain active until at least the end of 2016. Please transition to another service provider if at all possible before the end of the year. The company officially closed in 2015, but the previous ownership group is paying all the costs personally so service remains active. Any payments you may have sent after 2015 were not processed and will not be processed. Any checks that were received will be shredded to make sure they are not cashed.

There are approximately 100 people that are still using dialup. We know that some of you have no broadband option available due to living in remote locations. The best solution may be wireless broadband devices such as a smart phone or tablet.

Thank you and best wishes!

Delmarva Online