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DelmarvaOnline reserves the right to collect any and all information it chooses from visitors to its corporate websites. Any information submitted to DelmarvaOnline, including personal or business information, may be collected and stored for use by DelmarvaOnline or its assigns.

DelmarvaOnline uses cookie technology to uniquely identify visitors to its site.  Any information collected by DelmarvaOnline may be used in whatever manner DelmarvaOnline or its assigns chooses.

DelmarvaOnline may choose at its sole discretion to share any or all information gathered from its websites or through any of the services provided by DelmarvaOnline with any third party of its choosing. By electing to use DelmarvaOnline’s website and or services, each user is unequivocally and irrevocably waiving any and all rights to the privacy of the information and its use by DelmarvaOnline. Each user also agrees to waive any and all claims to any forms of damages, including but not limited to monetary damages. Reasonable steps are taken to secure this data on DelmarvaOnline‘s database servers and email servers. Information may be retained indefinitely.