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Mac Setup Instructions using Mac OS X

How to setup OS X

  1. Click on Apple Menu
  2. Click on System Preferences
  3. Click the Network Icon
  4. In the TCP/IP Tab you should have the following settings:
    • Configure: Using PPP
    • Domain Name Servers: (optional):
    • Search Domains (optional):
  5. In the PPP Tab you should have the following settings:
      • Service Provider (Optional) dmv
      • Telephone Number: For a list of numbers, click here. If you are in Maryland, be sure to include the area code with the phone number.
      • Alternate Number (Optional): Should remain blank
      • Account Name: You must add the domain to your username. Your logon Account name should now read like an email address. (ex., Include your domain from the list below:
    Delmarva Online Customers:
    Bluecrab Customers:
    Fastol Customers:
    ICNet Customers: Customers: Customers:
  6. Password: Your Valid PW
  7. Save Password should be checked
  8. Click on PPP Options
  9. Check Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP Applications
  10. Click OK
  11. In the Proxies Tab you should have the following settings:
    • There should be nothing typed in here, not even spaces.
  12. In the Modem Tab you should have the following settings:
    • Your Modem should be listed (Usually Apple Internal 56K (v.90)
    • Sound should be Dotted On
    • Dialing should be Dotted: Tone (unless you have a pulse line)
    • Wait for Dial tone before dialing should be checked.
    • Other settings may be present that are not covered by this, the correct settings will depend on what is there.
  13. Click Either Save or Apply Now in the Lower Right Corner (whichever is present)
  14. Click Show All (Top Left Corner)
  15. Click on Internet
  16. We do not setup the iTools Tab, this is your choice.
  17. On the Email Tab you should have the following settings:
      • Default Mail Reader: Mail (or whatever you install)
      • Use iTools Email Account should not be checked
      • Email Address: Fill in your email address
      • Incoming Mail Server: Fill in appropriate Mail Server
    Incoming POP Server Outgoing SMTP Server
    All Customers:
    • Account Type should be dotted for POP
    • User Account ID should be the Username. This should be without the domain (ex.
    • Password: Appropriate Password
    • Outgoing Mail Server:
  18. On the Web Tab you should have the following settings:
    • Home Page: whatever you want or
    • Search Page: is the default, you may want to keep this set.
  19. On the News Tab you should have the following settings:
    • Default News Reader: Defaults to Blank, select a news Reader (often Outlook Express)
    • News Server: or another appropriate Server (may need a free/open server if dialing into National or DSL/Wireless/Satellite)
    • Connect as should be dotted for Registered User.
    • User Account ID: Username
    • Password: Your password.
    • If that doesn’t work, set it as Guest
  20. Close the System Preferences Window.
  21. Click on the System Prefs Menu & Click Quit System preferences

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