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FTP Settings

Web Server Location

  • DMV:
  • Bluecrab:
  • Fastol:
  • ICNet:
  • EZY:

How Do I Upload My Webpage?

  1. You need to install an FTP Client on your machine.  The settings below are specific to WS_FTP, but any modern FTP software would work.
  2. OPEN the program and CLICK “NEW”
  3. You can specify a NAME your profile such as DMV or BlueCrab
  4. ENTER one of the following in the “Host Name/Address:” space.
    • For DMV:
    • For Bluecrab:
    • For Fastol:
    • For ICNet:
    • For EZY:
    • For
  5. ENTER your Username in the “User ID” space
  6. ENTER your Password in the “Password” field. (You may wish to check “Save Pwd” box.)
  7. CLICK on the tab at the top.
  8. ENTER “public_html” in the “Initial Remote Host Directory:”
  9. SET the “Initial Local Directory” to the place on your machine where your files to be uploaded are stored.
  10. CLICK “Apply” to save your settings. (From this point on, when you open up WS-FTP, all you need to do is CLICK on the Delmarva Online profile and then “Ok.”)
  11. You are now ready to send files. CLICK the “OK” button to connect.  Once you are connected, your screen should look something like this:
  12. HIGHLIGHT the files you want to transfer to your space then CLICK to send your files over.  (Of course as with most Windows Applications, you can always “drag and drop.”)
  13. You will see a copy of your files in the “Remote System” space when the transfer is complete.



  • Make sure that the main page is named index.html or it will not show up automatically when you open up where username would be replaced with your Delmarva Online username.  See the top of the page for locations for other company subscribers.
  • If you are just posting pictures or files for friends, online auctions, etc.., the path to them would be where FILENAME is the name you gave your file.  See the top of the page for locations for other company subscribers.
  • Our system is case-sensitive. If you upload a file with uppercase characters in the file name, you must also reference it that way in your html file. For example, MyFile.jpg, MYFILE.JPG, and myfile.jpg are all different files on our personal web server.

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