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Windows XP

The following pages are intended to help you properly connect a computer running Windows XP to Delmarva Online.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel on the right hand menu. **If you don’t see “Control Panel”in your Start menu follow this procedure:
    • Right click on the “START” button, left click on “Properties”
    • With the dot next to “Start menu”, click the “Customize” button to the right.
    • Click on the “Advanced” Tab.
    • Here you will see a “Start menu items:” window. Where it says “Control Panel”put the dot next to “Display as a link”.
    • Click OK on both windows until back to desktop.
    • Start again on step 1.
  3. Control Panel in Windows XP by default will be in “Category View”. You can click “Switch to Classic View” on the left hand menu, so it will look like Win98/ME/2000. **Without switching view, you can still get into Internet Options by clicking on “Network and Internet Connections”, will see a “Internet Options” link at bottom.
  4. Open Internet options.
  5. In the box next to Address type “”, then click on “Apply“.
  6. Click on the Programs tab and be sure “Outlook Express” is in the E-mail box.
  7. Click on the Connections tab.
  8. Click on the LAN Settings button and be sure there are no boxes checked, then click OK.
  9. Click the Setup button on the top right corner.
  10. When the Wizard opens, click next.
  11. Make sure “Connect to the Internet” is selected and click next.
  12. Select “Set up my connection manually” and click next.
  13. Make sure “connect using a dial-up modem” is selected and click next.
  14. Type “dmv” in the box and click next.
  15. Enter the phone number of the POP that is local to you. For a list of numbers, click here. Do you have Call Waiting on the phone line the computer is using? To disable Call Waiting, put *70, or 1170, at the beginning of your access number. Example *70,443-389-9262 -Please note the comma and no spaces in number. This will disable call waiting ONLY when connected to the Internet. Click next.
  16. Type in your User name: and Password:,  Please Note: You must add the domain to your username. Your username should now read like an email address, with all lowercase letters and no spaces. Include your domain from the list below:
    Delmarva Online Customers:
    Bluecrab Customers:
    Fastol Customers:
    ICNet Customers: Customers: Customers:
  17. Click Next
  18. Put a check mark in the box for “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop”.
  19. Click finish.
  20. Double click Internet Options.
  21. Click on the Connections tab Select “Always dial my default connection“, then click Apply.
  22. Click on the Settings button in the middle of the page below the Remove button.
  23. Click on Properties next to the username.
  24. Click on “Networking”
  25. Click on the Settings button below where it says PPP.
  26. Uncheck “Enable LCP Extensions”and “Negotiate multilink for single link connections” if needed.
  27. Click OK.
  28. Make sure Internet protocol (TCP/IP) is installed and checked in the next box. Uncheck any other installed components.
  29. Click Properties below that box.
  30. Make sure that “Obtain an ip address automatically” is checked.
  31. In the next section select “Use the following DNS server addresses”
  32. In the Preferred DNS server box, type in 064 045 128 4. The decimal marks should fall into place to read ””.
  33. Click OK.
  34. Click on the Options tab. Put a check mark next to “Include Windows Logon Domain”. Click OK.
  35. Continue to click OK until you reach the control panel and close it.
  36. Click Start.
  37. Click Outlook Express.
  38. When the Internet Connection Wizard opens type your real name in the box next to Display Name, then click Next.
  39. In the box next to Email Address enter your email address, then click Next.
  40. Enter the correct mail servers for your domain, then click Next
    Incoming POP Server Outgoing SMTP Server
    All Customers:
  41. In the box next to Password type your password, then click Next.
  42. Click Finish, then close Outlook Express. You have now setup your Windows XP machine for Delmarva Online!

**By default Windows XP doesn’t have any Icon’s on the desktop except “Recycle Bin”. To put an Internet Explorer Icon on your desktop follow this procedure: 


  • Right click on empty spot on desktop, left click on Properties.
  • Click on “Desktop” Tab at top.
  • AT bottom left, click on the “Customize Desktop” button.
  • Check the box next to “Internet Explorer”


  • Click OK until back to Desktop and should now see an Internet Explorer Icon.


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